Read carefully:

Swapcloud Games maintains more competitive prices thanks to a different sales method. When the user makes a purchase, a new email account associated with the game will be automatically created (ex:, in which the games purchased in the store will be available (The games can be used throughout the world). The credentials will be sent to the email registered at the time of purchase.

In no case does SwapCloud Games sell or exchange these accounts, only the data of the new accounts are sent so that the client can enjoy their products, and after the purchase, the user will be able to change your predefined passwords so that they remain at your total disposal FOREVER, without any claim from the company.

We do not work with video game codes/keys.

If you are already a customer and want to receive the video game on the same account, request it in the order notes.
If you have any questions about how the purchase method works, you can contact us via WhatsApp through the contact page or form.