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Fractured Online is a dynamic open-world MMORPG where you define your own destiny.Its unique knowledge and talent system allows you to quickly discover, learn and master skills, This guarantees an...

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Fractured Online is a dynamic open-world MMORPG where you define your own destiny.

Its unique knowledge and talent system allows you to quickly discover, learn and master skills, This guarantees an extraordinary experience from the beginning, whether you are just starting to play or if you have been here from the beginning. Right from the start, you'll see that defeating enemies requires skill and cunning, not equipment and level.

Since there is no predefined path, the possibilities are endless. It's up to you whether you prefer to explore interactive fantasy worlds, fight monsters or other people in dynamic PvE and PVP battles, accumulate resources, craft and enchant unique items, build a business empire, or make your virtual home prosper and become a great city ​​by cooperating with or conquering other settlements.

Perform the heroic feats you've always dreamed of! Less repetitive activities, more freedom and adventure.

Fractured Online is the first dynamic open-world MMORPG that blends action-packed combat with fully-fledged environments. dynamic, something that lovers of competitive and cooperative games alike will love. Jump into the action from day one. Learn and memorize the best skills to defeat your enemies through cunning and strategy, not equipment and level. Collect resources, craft items, trade, explore and fight heroic battles on your own legendary adventure or build a settlement with your clan and grow it into the next empire.

Explore three different and ever-changing worlds your way and help shape them to your liking. It is very likely that what you saw the last time you visited a place will be very different when you return there. Roaming monsters, growing settlements, and an ever-changing cycle of day and night will bring you a new experience every day. Adapt and make the most of the world you can.

Fractured Online pushes the boundaries of the traditional MMO genre by combining the combat system of Single player action RPG with a complex open world universe and free play. Learn to aim, evade, and master over 400 unique abilities and 40 status effects. Defeat your enemies, acquire their abilities and master them. Only your skills and tactics can guide you to victory! If you can't get over a situation, take a break, memorize a different set of skills, and try again.

Finding a sword in a dead body? rat seems ridiculous to you? Forget the clichés of traditional RPGs and enter a world where all the objects have been created by the characters. Take advantage of precious and scarce resources to make bigger profits when you trade in distant markets… and don't forget to reach your destination alive! You can craft and upgrade your own gear, or invest your hard-earned money by buying it from auction houses.

Looking for a new home? Find the ideal place to build your house in one of the cities ruled by other people or build your own city with your clan. Each city is unique, since each resident will contribute their own imprint to the place. As ruler, you will be able to promote its development to make it a seat of social, commercial or military activity. But be careful: the fame of your city will not go unnoticed. Get ready to defend it from enemy assaults and sieges!

Need more exciting activities? Asteroids are the setting for highly competitive PvP events ideal for late game play.Travel to them through one of the mysterious stargates and achieve glory or die trying. Harvest scarce resources or gain power and influence for your clan by rising to the top of the ranks and taking home relics to improve your settlement.
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