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Join the ever-expanding experience of Hell Let Loose, a beastly first-person shooter set in World War II that features epic 100-player battles with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamic frontline, and...

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Join the ever-expanding experience of Hell Let Loose, a beastly first-person shooter set in World War II that features epic 100-player battles with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamic frontline, and a battle management system. resources inspired by real-time strategy titles.

Participate in the most iconic battles on the Western Front, such as Carentan, Omaha Beach and Foy, among others. The combat is on another level. You are just another cog in this colossal war machine, like the heavy tanks that dominate the battlefield and the vital supply chains that feed the soldiers on the front lines. Hell Let Loose plunges you into the chaos of war, featuring complex vehicles you can control, a dynamic, ever-evolving frontline, and crucial unit-focused gameplay that determines the tide of combat.

Play on over 9 extensive maps modeled from real recon imagery and satellite data. The entire battlefield is divided into large sectors to capture, allowing for unique, emergent gameplay where two squads of 50 players each engage in a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests, and towns on one front. that never stops changing. When you capture a sector, it will generate one of three resources available to your team, creating complex gameplay that will influence your march to victory.

An epic war scenario

Dominate the battlefield in 50v50 matchups that take place on huge maps. Choose one of 14 roles, including armored, infantry, and reconnaissance units, each equipped with different weapons, vehicles, and equipment. Play as an officer, scout, machine gunner, medic, engineer, tank commander and more to experience every aspect of World War II battles.

Beastly gameplay

Hell Let Loose will drop you into over 9 iconic World War II battlefields including Omaha Beach, Carentan and Foy. Historic vehicles, weapons, and uniforms are reproduced in great detail, and the combat is as bloody and brutal as it was in its day. Battles take place on huge, full-scale maps of actual battle locations, recreated using archival aerial photography and satellite imagery for incredible detail using Unreal Engine 4.

Play together, win together

Hell Let Loose doesn't focus on kill and death stats - teamwork is key to the game. Communication is essential. Players work together under the leadership of officers and their commander to take strategic objectives on the battlefield and defeat the opposing side. Hell Let Loose is a game where you need to work as a team and communicate to win, but also to survive.

Unique gameplay

Fight for victory by smashing through enemy lines on a huge, ever-evolving battlefield. This unique sector capture system means teams are continually having to make large-scale tactical decisions about where to attack or defend. Manage resources and supplies to request help, new vehicles, a bombardment or strafing, and also to reinforce points of interest or flank enemies. Strategy is the key to victory.

Main features:

• Engage in epic 50v50 multiplayer battles.
• Two different game modes: Offensive and Warfare.
• 9 maps (more being added frequently): land on Omaha Beach, fight your way through Carentan and into the frozen forests of Foy before climbing Hill 400
• Don't fight the same battle twice – there are 99 capture point variants per map, which translates to thousands of potential battles.
• Play and master one or more of the 14 roles such as:
Officer, medic, machine gunner, commander, crewman or sniper, among others.
• Constantly updated with new maps, weapons, features and bug fixes. errors.
• Realism of firing and recoil help weapons to be accurate and effective.
• Proximity, unit, or team voice chat leaders.
• Brutal combat: powerful weapons dismember both allies and enemies.
• Continuous character progression: prove your expertise and unlock new uniforms, equipment and other customization options to as you level up each role, as well as your character.
• Control a wide variety of World War II vehicles, including the Tiger, Sherman, Stuart, Puma and more (we'll add more ).
• Control heavy weapons, such as cannons or anti-tank artillery, to bombard the enemy and eliminate them from the battlefield.
• Build defenses on the battlefield to strengthen your position.
• Work as a team to break the enemy front and achieve victory.
• Play as a commander and take advantage of your different abilities to lead your team to victory as you coordinate units using the tactical map.


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