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World War I reaches the mountains of the Italian front, beautiful but equally deadly. Inspired by the two-year struggle for control of the Isonzo River Valley and the Alps during...

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World War I reaches the mountains of the Italian front, beautiful but equally deadly. Inspired by the two-year struggle for control of the Isonzo River Valley and the Alps during World War I, Isonzo takes the World War I game series to the next level, figuratively and literally.
From the creators of Verdun and Tannenberg...
The new Offensive game mode puts you in the middle of major engagements on the Italian front. Take charge of the military charge through the stunning Italian landscapes as you decide the path to victory: cut paths through the barbed wire, flank your enemies through the mountain paths or use the mortar to make way for you Shape a dynamic battlefield by placing sandbags and wire, placing ammo boxes, deploying trench periscopes, sniper shields, and more.
Participate in historic offensives from the 6th Battle of the Isonzo to the Strafexpedition. Following the course of actual battles, as the attackers advance, the combat shifts into vastly different landscapes within a single offensive: from hillside fortresses to mountain trenches to fierce urban street fighting. of cities. Everything is recreated from research and field studies, from the sound effects and uniforms to the houses, vineyards and trenches where they fight.
Call in reinforcements with a unique and historically accurate flare system: flare guns can mark targets for artillery or biplanes. You can also use flares of different colors to guide your team. Once the big guns have made a dent in the enemy side, finish your job at close range with an Arditi dagger or a mountaineer's pickaxe. Use heavy machine guns, mortars, and even mountain guns for more direct covering fire.
Choose from six classes based on historical combat roles, and build your team from a selection of weapons, equipment, and perks tied to that class, giving you flexibility and variety in crafting your squad, while maintaining historical accuracy with the actual soldiers who participated in reality. You'll have wire cutters at your disposal, bandage yourself and your injured teammates, and blow the whistle to start an assault. One shot can kill an enemy, and even minor wounds can quickly bleed you out.
Being a good soldier in Isonzo isn't just about being a good shot. Mastery of the terrain is also essential, as the mountain can be your friend or your enemy. Learn to orient yourself well to maintain cover and surprise your enemies or support your allies.
Finally... watch out for the dreaded poison gas. Experience World War I action like never before!
Isonzo main functions:
• Mountain Warfare: Assaulting mountain fortifications, fighting through ruined cities, and fording rivers are just a few of the challenges you'll face as you fight your way through numerous enemy positions.
• Multiplayer First Person Shooter: Think carefully about your role and your arsenal to survive in this high-altitude combat: take on the sniper to kill the enemy engineers before they cut the wires, use grenades rifle to destroy enemy machine guns and much more
• World War I based gameplay: Historical Offensive mode is based on actual battles and focuses on the unique challenges of Alpine mountain warfare. Use more than 30 weapons, poison gas and large artillery volleys from World War I.
• Fight for victory: Place your cables, sandbags, trench periscope and much more. It doesn't matter if you're digging trenches or going straight for the attack, shape the battlefield to your advantage!
• The Faces of War: Customize all classes and choose from a wide variety of historically accurate uniforms, accessories, and helmets. And for the final touch, you can even choose the mustaches typical of the time!
• Real World War I Setting: Historical accuracy is a reality in the game, from the maps and weapons to the music and uniforms. Fight for the kingdom of Italy or the double Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
Enjoy trench warfare on the Western Front in Verdun or maneuver for control of the most important areas in Tannenberg on the Eastern Front. These authentic World War I shooters allow players to choose from a wide variety of squads from across the armed conflict as they fight for the front lines.

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