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The new installment of "MELTY BLOOD" is here.This 2D fighting game saga is based on TYPE-MOON's visual romance novel "Tsukihime".The battle of the characters from "Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue...

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The new installment of "MELTY BLOOD" is here.
This 2D fighting game saga is based on TYPE-MOON's visual romance novel "Tsukihime".
The battle of the characters from "Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Crystal Moon-" is about to start again.

New scenarios, setting and characters

"MELTY BLOOD" is set in the world "Tsukihime -A piece of blue crystal moon-" and its scenarios have been created by Kinoko Nasu.
Furthermore of each character's event scenarios, there are also speedrun elements.

The look of the game has been redesigned to incorporate HD environments; and the animation of the characters' techniques is done by A-1 Pictures.
The game is fully dubbed, and the dialogues of the protagonists change depending on the combination of characters at the time of the battle, which will make the relationship between them stronger.

Battle system that combines tradition and innovation

The characteristics of the "MELTY BLOOD" saga, such as "Air Combo", "Shield", "Magic Circuit", "Arc Drive" and "Last Arc", have not been changed, but have been Introduced new systems such as "Moon Skill". In addition, with the new balanced game system, you can enjoy easy-to-handle intense battles, whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer to "MELTY BLOOD".

Online battles with the "rollback" netcode

"MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA" uses the netcode technique called "rollback", thanks to which online battles can be played stably and without lag.

Abundant customization items and gallery

In addition to character color customization, you can freely combine titles and icons and use them in online battles.
In the gallery, you can collect illustrations, opening videos , background music, voices, pixel art, etc., and you can also see "guest illustrations" related to TYPE-MOON's works and drawn by great illustrators.

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