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Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition

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Deluxe Edition Content: Pre-purchase bonuses:- Layered armor for Comrade Canyne "golden retriever"- Layered armor for Comrade "Forest Cat"- Beginner's talisman, for extra help at the beginning of the gameIncludes MONSTER...

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Deluxe Edition Content:

Pre-purchase bonuses:
- Layered armor for Comrade Canyne "golden retriever"
- Layered armor for Comrade "Forest Cat"
- Beginner's talisman, for extra help at the beginning of the game

Includes MONSTER HUNTER RISE along with a pack of fantastic additional content!

- Layered armor set for hunter "Kamurai"
- Comrade Canyne Layered Armor Piece "shuriken necklace"
- Comrade Layered Armor Piece "fish necklace"
- Emote Set (4 jumps)
- Emote Set samurai poses
- "Kabuki" face paint
- "Izuchi pigtail" hairstyle

Take up the challenge and join the hunt! In Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in the award-winning and super-successful Monster Hunter series, you'll become a hunter, explore new maps, and use many different weapons to take down fearsome monsters in an all-new story. The PC version also includes a ton of additional performance and visual optimizations.

Fierce monsters with a unique ecology
Hunt a huge variety of monsters with their own unique behavior and deadly ferocity. From returning classics to all-new creatures inspired by Japanese folklore, including the signature monster, the wyvern Magnamalo. You'll need to think fast and learn its quirks if you want to claim any of the rewards!

Choose a weapon and show off your skills
Wield 14 different weapon types with unique play styles, both close and long range. Attack and strike hard with the devastating greatsword, spectacularly take down monsters with the sleek longsword, become a deadly whirlwind of razor-sharp blades with the blazing dual swords, charge forward with the devastating spear at the ready, or shoot from afar with the bow and crossbows. . These are just some of the types of weapons you will find in the game, so you will always find the perfect one for you.

Hunt, gather materials and craft to become the Apex Predator
Each monster you hunt provides you with materials to craft new weapons and armor, and upgrade your current gear. Head back out into the wild to hunt even fiercer monsters for even better rewards! Change weapons whenever you want in one of the equipment boxes. The possibilities are endless!

Hunt the monsters solo or as a team
In the Hunters' Gathering you'll find multiplayer quests where Up to four players will collaborate. Difficulty scales so the fight is always fair, whether you decide to go it alone or in a group of four.

Impressive graphics, no frames per second and other optimizations for PC
Enjoy fantastic graphics at up to 4K resolution with HDR and support for features like ultrawide monitors and uncapped frames per second for truly immersive monster hunting. Hunters will also have immediate access to various free game updates, including new monsters, quests, equipment, and much more.

Enjoy an exciting new story set in Kamura Village
This quiet town is inhabited by a motley cast of villagers who have long lived in fear of The Frenzy, a mass attack by an endless horde of monsters. 50 years after the last Frenzy, you must collaborate with them to face this catastrophe.

New hunting mechanics with the Cordoptera
The cordoptera will be an integral part of your hunting gear. Fire a special silk that allows you to climb walls and traverse maps, and with which you can even execute a series of special attacks unique to each of the 14 different weapon types.

He who has a friend has a treasure
The Felyne comrades you know and love from previous Monster Hunter games are now joined by the new Canyne comrades.

Wreak havoc by controlling monsters
Tame angry monsters with the wyvern mount to deal massive damage to your targets!

Repel hordes of monsters in The Frenzy
Protect Kamura Village from hordes of monsters in a quest type! brand new! Prepare to hunt monsters on an unprecedented scale!

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