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Rev up the engine and get ready to hit the track in RIDE 5, a game that offers an experience so realistic that you will feel like you are going...

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Rev up the engine and get ready to hit the track in RIDE 5, a game that offers an experience so realistic that you will feel like you are going at full speed on the circuit. Guaranteed adrenaline rush!
Discover your favorite bikes and check out the new ones in the ultimate motorcycle game. Compete in more than 35 circuits and get hold of 200 motorcycles from the most important manufacturers in the world. Every element of the game is designed to make you feel like you are riding a real motorcycle.
When it comes to winning races, speed isn't everything. In Endurance mode, perseverance and strategy are rewarded. Time is no longer a problem, so ride the way you like. And if you have to leave, nothing happens! Save the game and continue playing later. Of course, do not forget to pay attention to fuel and pit stops, as they could become your worst nightmare!
Start in your garage, work your way up the ranks, and dominate motorcycling worldwide in Career mode.
Compete against skilled rivals who will not make it easy for you to cross the finish line. Learn to master the different motorcycles and maintain control at all times.
It won't be easy though: the road to victory is full of challenges and it's up to you to choose which ones you want to face. Of course, the more difficult the challenge, the better the reward!
No matter how well you ride, there will always be one factor that is beyond your control: the weather. Clear skies can turn into a horrible storm in a matter of seconds, only to make way for the sun again as the clouds seem to chase you around the bends. You will have to face all kinds of views and circuits that are constantly changing.
You will have to deal with unexpected situations and bring out your ability to dominate in wet and dry conditions. Thanks to the improved physics of the game, you can now enjoy a more realistic experience than ever before.
Don't know which line to follow or when to stop? Use the new driving aids and get personalized assistance when you need it most. Learn to better control the bike and the tricks of the trade to be the best rider possible.
True motorcycling fans not only stand out for their bikes, but also for their garages. Get your favorite models and customize them to your liking.
Share your designs with other players and show off your style.
Of course, do not get carried away only by cosmetic items. With the race creator, you will be able to build countless scenarios, from individual races to entire championships. Choose bikes and tracks and assume the role of race director to set your own rules.
Split screen is back! Now you can challenge a friend and beat them live and direct.
And if you want to show the world what you are capable of, put yourself to the test in endurance races.

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