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Starbase is a massively multiplayer online game focused on ship and space station design and construction, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat.The fully destructible environment, set in a large-scale...

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Starbase is a massively multiplayer online game focused on ship and space station design and construction, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat.

The fully destructible environment, set in a large-scale and highly detailed universe, and the game's voxel/vertex hybrid mechanics allow for simulations to be experienced in immense detail. Minor collisions can break some of your ship's outer plates, but high-speed crashes can blow it apart. Leaks in the propellant tubes can bring the ship to a standstill, but the corrosive liquid can also melt its superstructure and cause catastrophic failure. If a spacecraft's controls are damaged, that's not always the end of the journey, since manual values ​​can be entered into the generator and thrusters from the engine room.

The scale and detail of the simulation in all aspects of the game gives you unlimited freedom to unleash your creativity, the foundation of success in Starbase. From building unique ships with tough outer armor to creating massive automated factories and designing data and electricity networks, players will have the freedom to do it all their way.

Destructible environment with voxel and fracture damage and detailed simulation

  • The Starbase environment is fully destructible, meaning everything can be destroyed or taken apart with the right kind of tools or weaponry.
  • Detailed physics simulation created by hybrid voxel/vertex gameplay enhances creativity and fun as you battle, explore, and fly spaceships. In addition, the game's simulation of elemental and structural durability adds another twist to the challenge of conquering space: poorly designed superstructures combined with supercharged piloting thrusters can rip a ship in two when cornering during a space race.

Play and interact with thousands of players, join factions and much more

  • Start shaping the Starbase universe with your fellow robots by joining and working for factions.
  • Build, fight, chat and team up with other players to discover and conquer the vast galaxy that is waiting for the first visitors to leave their mark.
  • Mine asteroids solo, trade and transport cargo with your friends, or build a capital station with a large company.
  • Engage in the battle between the Empire and the Kingdom or explore the galaxy at your leisure while the insurance system has your back if you accidentally venture into uncharted space.
  • Success in Starbase is not measured in hours of play or in experience accumulated day after day, but in the ingenuity of each player and their ability to cooperate.

Build and design your spaceships, stations and devices down to the finest detail

  • The smallest building unit in Starbase is a simple screw, so you can build, repair, and modify spaceships, stations, and gadgets however you want.
  • Even the smallest ships have thousands of parts, each with its own detailed damage model, so the building and design process is really creative.
  • By learning how to use the game's programming chips, you will develop the way you build and design: innovation, ship automation, and ingenious ship design will make all the difference!

Explore an infinite universe and get resources

  • Explore this vast universe to discover stations, social hubs, and new raw materials
  • Go on an exploration mission with your friends and discover what the universe has to offer.
  • Travel to an asteroid field to mine for raw materials and collect different materials from broken ships, trade them at trading stations, or take up piracy if that's your thing.< /li>

About Starbase

Starbase is built on Frozenbyte's in-house game engine, customized for space conquest, which enables the intricate combination of voxel and vertex technologies. This modern engine was created expressly for Starbase and its architecture is designed to handle all the quirks of the simulation, damage, build, number of players, and ever-expanding universe to rise to the challenges posed by the ambitious idea of ​​the game Similarly, all of the game's features have been developed with players' creative freedom and infinite scale in mind.

Starbase has been in secret development for five years with no strings attached and will continue to do so until the daring idea of ​​the game becomes reality. In an ever-expanding space, the scale can vary from the unit of a screw to the gigantic structures of space stations, and exploration missions can be trips to nearby asteroid fields, excursions to collect debris from stranded ships or even expeditions to other galaxies.

In Starbase, players have absolute freedom to build the universe they want, and a small group of players can form large factions that challenge the power established. Inventiveness also helps, as in Starbase, ingenuity often trumps brute force. The only limit is the creativity of the players..
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