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An alien probe has been detected approaching Earth. An unknown alien force has reached the far reaches of the frigid Kuiper Belt and is blowing up a dwarf planet in...

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An alien probe has been detected approaching Earth. An unknown alien force has reached the far reaches of the frigid Kuiper Belt and is blowing up a dwarf planet in preparation for an invasion.
With nations scattered and unable to organize a joint defense, different multinational groups of like-minded political, military and scientific leaders secretly coordinate a response. Uncertainty about alien plans fosters the rise of factions motivated by hope, fear, or greed.
You will command one of these factions:
  • The Resistance, which attempts to form an alliance of nations with which to organize a coordinated defense.
  • Prime Humanity, who have sworn to exterminate the aliens and their sympathizers.
  • The Servants, who revere the aliens and believe they will solve all the world's problems.
  • The Protectorate, who defends that negotiating a surrender is the only way to avoid being annihilated.
  • The Academy, who hopes that the alien arrival will present an opportunity to form an interstellar alliance.
  • The Initiative, which seeks to profit from chaos and destruction.
  • The Exodus Project, which intends to build a massive starship and flee the solar system.
A distant anomaly, a mysterious crash landing, and a rise in reported disappearances. Are we before the first contact of humanity with extraterrestrial life forms? You'll uncover the truth as your field agents investigate sightings and your scientists explore new areas of investigation.
  • Early sightings and crashed UFOs will give way to fearsome alien megafauna and robotic armies, making it clear that the other six human factions are not your only rivals. Throughout the game, illustrated events will present you with difficult choices as you investigate the growing alien activity on Earth. Discover the mystery of its origin and its intentions. Of course, if you represent Prime Humanity there is only room for extermination.
  • Terra Invicta has a global research system that creates opportunities for competition and coordination. Shared scientific breakthroughs unlock private engineering projects. Factions can choose whether to focus on private projects at the cost of weakening Earth as a whole, or cede influence to other factions in the trajectory of global research, factions that might have different priorities than yours. If you don't keep them under close watch, factions like the Servants or the Initiative could direct the world's efforts to develop methods for social control instead of researching new propulsion systems and weaponry.
You begin the game on Earth, commanding a shadowy organization devoted to your chosen ideology. The aliens are closing in, but your first enemies—and maybe allies—will be the other human factions.
  • He leads a faction that is united by ideology, rather than a nation defined by territory.In contrast to most strategy games, in Terra Invicta you don't paint the map in the colors of a nation, but instead rule from the shadows and compete with other factions for control points that represent the political, economic and military leadership of the land. a region
  • Dominate geopolitics and unite or divide nations as you see fit. Use those under your influence to unleash proxy wars against the other six factions. Earth regions are modeled in detail, from educational levels and unrest, to GDP and inequality. If you manage to seize regions that have a lot of wealth or military power, you could exercise your will on Earth, but war in the solar system is not won without first securing regions that have space rocket launch facilities.
  • Enact your will through a council of politicians, scientists, and agents spread across the globe—even in space. Your starting skills will improve as you gain experience and take control of powerful organizations, such as intelligence agencies or wealthy corporations. A veteran commander might be the ideal choice to lead a tactical team under the council, while a seasoned diplomat might be able to get you the funding you need to hold out against the alien invasion.
  • Contact like-minded populations and politicians and take action to convert followers of opposing ideologies. Public opinion runs on multiple axes: the Servants' worship of the aliens and plans to negotiate a surrender of the Protectorate could align when it comes to supporting or opposing the aliens, but the events that show that they are can defeat have the potential to convince the Protectorate's followers that resistance is a realistic path.
Terra Invicta bridges the contemporary world with the vast interstellar empires of other space strategy games and asks you to take humanity's first steps in colonizing our solar system. With over 300 asteroids, moons and planets in constant motion, the strategic map will always be changing.
  • Take your faction beyond the ends of the Earth, build space stations that serve as shipyards and fuel depots, create mining stations that extract advanced resources, and found bases that serve as research or facility construction . Terra Invicta puts the focus on the strategic geography of the solar system, leaving behind the vision of space as a series of stars through which your units move and instead presents space as a rich and varied landscape, full of asteroids, moons , dwarf planets, gas giants and other celestial bodies where there are tactical opportunities at every moment.
  • The celestial bodies that orbit the Sun cause the map to keep changing. This means that your space stations and forward operating bases will also be constantly on the move, forcing you to plan carefully and adapt to changing circumstances: your colonies on the Jovian moons might discover that that remote alien military outpost or that The Initiative's private base is now a stone's throw away.
Terra Invicta asks questions such as how colonies on Mars would work, science-based engines that could power our spacecraft, or how exploration and subsequent warfare could unfold in the space Players might find themselves founding a mining base on asteroid 16 Psyche after discovering that it is rich in metals, only to later realize that in the real world, NASA is planning the Psyche Mission for the same reason.
  • To explore and thus colonize space, you need access to many resources: water for life support and propellant, metals for crafting, fissile for nuclear weapons and engines, and much more. At first you will have no choice but to get those resources on Earth and pay the high cost of using rockets to overcome Earth's gravity, but over time you will be able to rely more on asteroid mining and other methods to ensure a local supply. .
  • Starship design in Terra Invicta is based on the best of scientific speculation and rigorous science fiction. You can design your own ships by choosing a range of weapons, engines, and other modules to place on a series of hulls to ensure each ship has the right mix of fuel capacity, maneuverability, and other capabilities.
  • Tactical combat is built on a realistic simulation of Newtonian physics, where inertia and maneuvering in 3D space are just as important as the firepower of your ships. Fire missiles and use point defense cannons to destroy projectiles fired at you, generate momentum and spin hard to keep your enemy within your firing angle, or consider retracting radiators and sacrificing heat dissipation to improve your armor against an enemy blast.
Terra Invicta has been built with modding support in mind, and much of the game can be accessed by the modding community without programming skills. We hope that the solar system theater and geopolitical simulation will be a canvas on which modders can cast their own creative vision.

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