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We Were Here Forever

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Someone has locked you in Castle Rock. Is this the fruit of betrayal or did you end up here by mistake? To escape, you must explore a sinister castle for...

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Someone has locked you in Castle Rock. Is this the fruit of betrayal or did you end up here by mistake? To escape, you must explore a sinister castle for puzzles and cooperate to plan your escape. Uncover secrets and puzzles hidden in the shadows, but remember that in this mysterious arctic adventure nothing is what it seems. Will you manage to escape together or will you end up inside... forever?
Deep within the dungeons of Castle Rock, you and another prisoner must find a way out and enjoy the Antarctic skies again, but fleeing this nightmare won't be easy, least of all this castle. Escaping your cells and leaving the fortress behind will only be the beginning, but is it really possible to escape from Castle Rock? You will find new puzzles and you will have to make decisions about how to continue. You will tour the castle from its dark prison to the royal halls and grounds. Outside the fortress you will discover the history of Rockbury, its inhabitants and resistance plans against the king to escape from this frozen place. If you hold out hope, you'll reach a creepy graveyard and descend into the dark waters of the foundry.
You have been brought here for a purpose. You may be the missing piece of a puzzle started a long, long time ago. But something, or someone, desperately wants to solve this puzzle and will do whatever it takes to do so. Only if you form an indissoluble union can you survive such a fateful fate...
Will you make it out of Castle Rock?
Feature list
  • Two-Player Co-op: It takes two to solve the puzzles in this game, and each one will play the part of it! Report what you see and hear with your walkie-talkies.
  • Connect with experience: When in danger, will you block or will you be able to stand firm and explain things clearly before the timer runs out?
  • Without taking your eyes off the screen: Engage in an intriguing adventure in the dynamic world of Castle Rock and fight against its ancient powers as a team.
  • Goosebumps: There is much to discover, but also much to fear. You've already met the jester, but is this the most powerful being in Castle Rock?

    NOTICE: This game can only be played in cooperative mode. Two players with a compatible microphone and an internet connection are required.

    At first, you can only use your voice

    You are two prisoners who must escape from Castle Rock and unravel an ancient riddle. The only thing you will have at the beginning are some walkie-talkies, will you be able to advance in the game with communication alone?

  • Resolved
    Two partners, one purpose. Come to an agreement!

    Immerse yourself in an intriguing cooperative experience and solve fascinating puzzles. Look for the exit in completely new areas.
    The king awaits you...

    The frigid grounds and dark halls of Castle Rock hide many secrets and dangers. Free yourselves from the chains that bind you to this place, for someone lurks within. The fallen king of this castle has a little surprise in store for you... will you manage to escape his clutches?


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