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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

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You are one of three survivors of the Castagath Massacre. You were rescued by Grand Inquisitor Heimlock and enlisted in the republican army of the Purifiers at a very young...

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You are one of three survivors of the Castagath Massacre. You were rescued by Grand Inquisitor Heimlock and enlisted in the republican army of the Purifiers at a very young age to train at a military academy to become a soldier against the paranormal. You also had the opportunity to take advice from Heimlock himself and train with him often, earning you and your two childhood friends Valeria and Edric the title "Heimlock Boys."Recently, the Brotherhood of the Dawn infiltrated the Crimson Keep, a mysterious Republican stronghold lost in the northern desert, in an area they call the Red Desert. The target of the attack is unclear, but the Republican Senate voted for a retaliatory strike against all known Brotherhood headquarters.

Grand Inquisitor Heimlock himself has directed the deployment of his troops on the Shipwreck Coast, near the city-state of Stormfall, to exterminate a Brethren camp. You and your two childhood friends are part of Operation Dawn's Bane under the supervision of Justicar Maëlys.

Key Features

Free character development
Use a wide variety of weapons and experiment with unique stances and combos until you find your own style of play. In Wolcen there are no classes. The rules are set by you and your weapons.

Three types of resources
Fury and Will interact with each other through the Resource Opposition System . Stamina allows you to roll to avoid danger and travel faster.

Variety of Items
Upgrade your offensive or defensive ability with all kinds of of common, magical, rare and legendary items. Break the rules and unlock new possibilities with unique items and rare affixes.

Skill Customization
Level up skills with your character or with alternative resources to get modifiers and create unique combinations. Change the damage type, add additional effects, cause buffs or debuffs, and completely change the mechanics of the skill. The options are endless.

Rotating Passive Skill Tree
Master the 21 sections available in the Gate of Fate to customize your passive skills and adapt them to your style of play.

Strategic Combat
Wolcen's creatures follow complex patterns and use deadly abilities. Pay attention to their reactions to anticipate their attacks and dodge them at the critical moment.

You won't get tired of playing
Upgrade your team by looting or craft, gather resources to unlock special quests, take on advanced challenges to earn special rewards, try new ways to play, and become #1. Whether you're playing alone or with friends, there's always something to do.

Apocalyptic Forms
All characters can become one of 4 celestial incarnations, each providing 4 different abilities and a devastating ultimate move!

An idyllic landscape
Wolcen uses CryEngine technology to create an immersive atmosphere packed with detail in weapons and armor. Along your journey you will be accompanied by 8 hours of epic orchestral music.

Appearances Matter
Customize your look with cosmetic changes of weapons and armor. Get over 100 different dyes and redesign your armor to create a unique style. The asymmetrical armor system allows you to change the color of each shoulder pad and glove.

Difficulty Modes
Choose between 2 difficulty modes in the campaign : history and normal. The end of the game means a progressive increase in difficulty.

Frequent updates and seasonal events
Our intention is to make Wolcen a timeless game through updates and additions, with new features, acts, gameplay, quality of life improvements, PvP, housing, and seasonal events.
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